Overseas education consultant in kottayam, Kerala

For us people are our biggest assets hence we believe in nurturing them and ensure their growth, alongside our organization. As one of the most reputed overseas education consultancy and training center we've spent more than 25 years materializing the dreams of hundreds of students to study or migrate abroad. Work doesn't get better than that. If you are looking for a career that is challenging, Life infusing, growth oriented and offer continuous learning opportunities; this is the organization to be. Please mail your resume to hr@manjoorans

Why tying up with MANJOORANS STUDY ABROAD is a GOOD business move?

  • Brand name recognition
  • Launch support and Franchisee start up guidance.
  • Marketing support.
  • Transfer of management expertise.
  • Training and support.

What is the infrastructure requirement?

  • An office premise, with a minimum carpet area of 700 sq. ft., in an ideal location in your city, with easy accessibility.
  • Should agree to furnish your premise in line with the standard pattern followed by us with our logo, and should have permission to display name boards/neon signs.
  • shall have necessary permissions/registrations to run the desired business from all concerned local government bodies/departments

What is the investment required to acquire a franchisee?

  • should be able to raise necessary capital for investing in the business (the size of capital will depend on the city/office area which shall be discussed during our meeting).

Please note that this is only a basic structure of the eligibility criteria and guidelines. Other details, varying from situation to situation will be explained at the time of actual agreement dealings.
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Overseas Education is experiencing a growing trend with increasing number of students opting for overseas education, with Students and parents on a constant look out for credible and experienced overseas education service providers to facilitate the entire process. It is here that Santa Monica with its vast experience, tie ups with course providers and widespread network of centers, comes into the picture. To further our mission of expanding in this direction we are looking for enthusiastic Franchisees/Business Partners at different locations in the country to promote overseas education, and operate under the guidance of MANJOORANS STUDY ABROAD using MANJOORANS brand name, and expertise developed by us.

Social Workers

Social workers conduct free seminars, camps, awareness programs periodically at Manjoorans

Referral agent


REFFERAL AGENT is an associate who offers various options of study programs based on the passion, qualification and financial capability of the student. As the name implies our deal remains confidential with each other.

Responsibilities of REFFERALAGENT

Screening of quality students
  • Program counseling
  • Collection of required documents
  • Remittance of fees (application fee,tuition fee,administrative fee,caution deposit)/
  • Visa process, travel assistance and relocation support
  • Provide access to MANJOORANS DATABASE
  • Training
  • Applying to respective institutions based on student's eligibility
  • Obtain conditional offer letter from the respective institution
  • Provide necessary guidance to REFFERAL/ students with regards to fee remitance
  • Obtain unconditional offer letter (admission confirmation letter)
Can you continue your existing and future associations with institutions / consultants?

This association does not hinder the growth of the REFFERAL in any manner or impose any restrictions or deny rights to continue their present tie up or build new associations with institutions / consultants.

Will MANJOORANS interact with the students of the REFFERAL?

MANJOORANS has no interest to interact directly with the students of the REFFERAL

Commission Structure

REFFERAL shall be eligible for minimum 70% of the actual commission received from the institution against each student of the REFFERAL immediately, on receipt from the institution.This may increase upto 80% based on the volume of business, age and relationship of the association. Please fill out the Business Enquiry Form and we will be in touch with you soon