Saino Chacko
- University of Southern Queensland
Manjoorans Study Abroad has been a great help to me in preparing for my overseas education. They worked closely with me right from the beginning and updated my application status timely. I would strongly recommend their services to anyone with the dream of studying abroad
Prasobh A P
- Ntec New Zealand
I am extremely thankful for the cooperation i got from Manjoorans. They have done all my paper works with utmost care and attention. I got my New Zealand visa within a week and I am very happy about it.
Mathew George
I would like everyone to know how important Manjoorans is for making my dream of studying abroad a success. The visa team was very professional , thus making my visa processing smooth and successful.
Ginu George
- New Zealand
My experience with Manjoorans is very positive.My language was not that impressive in the beginning but as training institute they gave me extra care and attention while i was doing my IELTS. they did all the processing very soon and i got my New Zealand visa last week. Thanking every members of Manjoorans.
Merin Ann Mathew
- Canada
A few months before i contacted Manjoorans when i wanted to pursue my studies in abroad. they gave me all support and did my Canadian visa so soon that i got my visa within january for may intake. i can now relax till April. i highly recommend Manjoorans to anyone who dreams of going abroad.
Binil Philip
- Canada
I am very proud say that i got my Canadian student visa within 5 days. i got very disappointed by another agency and thought of dropping my plan before 6 months . then i approached Manjoorans and they gave me a positive energy for restarting my processing. From that they gacve me total assistance in bank loan , visa submission etc. Finally they proved their brand name. Its a pleasure being a part of this big student union.
Alvin Mathew Abraham
- New Zealand
You will not find a better place than Manjoorans for opting a college and course in abroad. They have given me NMIT college in New Zealand, which is one of the best colleges in New Zealand. I got a good support from the team through out my processing. Thank you Manjoorans.
Bini Cherian
- New Zealand
Huge thanks to everyone at Manjoorans. I got my New Zealand visa last day and i am very happy about it. Manjoorans has given me a very good visa interview training and i believe its because of their hard work i got my visa approved within no time.
Sal Sabeel Abdul Sathar
I am extremely thankful for the cooperation i got from Manjoorans. They have done all my paper works with utmost care and attention. I got my Canadian visa within a week and i am very happy about it.
Sabeel Abdul Sathar
- Selkirk College Canada
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Manjoorans study abroad team, for making me fly to Canada. It was my dream to achieve Canadian student visa. It couldn't have been possible without their help. They have rendered proper guidance and valuable services. Once again, I thank them for their timely advice and support.
Antony Chacko
- Mc Ewan university Edmonton Alberta
Thank you very much, Manjoorans Study Abroad for helping in visa procedure. Your work is absolutely fabulous. I had a pretty hard time but things are taken care until the end. I was very well informed about the course and about the lifestyle in Canada. The general counseling and the visa counseling were really good. Thank you very much for the guidance
Divya Tresa
- St. Lawrence College Canada
One of my dream has come true, because of the name 'Manjoorans'. The entire process was very good. The guidance throughout was really good. I take this opportunity to thank them for helping me get the admission and also for the visa processing.
Cyndia Tisho
- Northern lights College Canada
I want to thank you for working with me in a successful effort to place me in NLC. I couldn't ever explain to you just what this mean to me! You have given me the capability to start my life over and achieve the goals I have set .
Athira K G
- Centennial College Canada
It gives me immense pleasure to write a testimonial for Manjoorans Study Abroad , an organization which was there at my beck and call. I was referred to them by a dear friend of mine and they assisted me in my placement to Centennial College in a very professional manner. Though I had wasted a lot of time searching for the right course initially, with their timely help I was put on the right track and in no time all my papers were filled and now I am all set to go. Thank you Manjoorans, for your promptness and constant spirit to deliver and accommodate.
Sonia Anna Mathew
- Selkirk College Canada
First I thank the Almighty God who has made my dream come true. Its only because of his grace and mercy that I have been properly guided and supported by the Manjoorans team to achieve my dream. They were there for me from beginning till the end of the processing period. I would say from my life experience that none of the other agencies would have supported and guided properly like this team. Moreover, they are approachable and that's the factor which made me rely on them. I take this opportunity to thank the Manjoorans team and my counselor for all their efforts and support to get my student permit to Canada.
- Ntec New Zealand
Finally I have received my visa for New Zealand , thanks a lot to Manjoorans for helping me at every step whenever I wanted in all the fields . It was a great experience to get counseling from such a prestigious organization. Staff of Manjoorans is very calm and helping , special thanks to the team who encouraged me and guided me in a right way.
Merlin Joy
- Ntec New Zealand
I still remember when I asked my parents to go abroad for my masters degree, they said Manjoorans is the best. Today I am very satisfied with their decision as sometimes we have to look at things according to our parents perspective because they always choose the perfect one for us.
- Mac Ewan University Edmonton Alberta
Manjoorans is my best decision I took, when I decided to do my further studies in abroad they provided me all services with out any service charge, Manjoorans means quality for me.
Joyal Joseph
- Manukavu Istitute of Technology New Zealand
Sincere thanks to all manjoorans staff for their dedication and hardwork behind the success of my Newzealand visa, Happy onam wishes for all Manjoorans team
Leo Tom George
- Sheridan College Canada
Thank you so much for all of your help and support. My application went on smoothly because of the tremendous support you provided.
Alen Ann Abraham
- Mac Ewan University Edmonton Alberta
First I want to thank you for everything. You supported me all the way. Your services are superb. I remember that I never filled any application form, all you asked for was my personal details and I got an unconditional offer of Admission.This shows that distance is not a barrier to your services. You people are the best and I just want to say thank you.
Abin Jose Joy
- Concordia University Edmonton Canada
Highly recommended! Fast and hassle free visa approval and processing. I really appreciate the services provided by Manjoorans for getting my study visa for Concordia University, Canada. Thank you very much for your prompt guidance.
Abin Mathew Sabu
- Centennial College Canada
They had complete information on how to go about the application process, what may be reviewed carefully in my profile, how to present the complete profile. Hardly, any consultants I went to carried so much of useful information and further, one needs help too. Manjoorans was there all the way and I thank the team for helping me study at one of the best colleges there could ever be, Centennial, Canada
Sheri Varghees
- Selkirk College Canada
I am thankful of my friend who told me about the best study visa consultants and I am very happy that I heard the advice of my friend and visited Manjoorans study abroad. I got my study visa approval for Canada in few days and now I can also say that they truly are the best study visa consultants without any doubt.
Nithin James
- Queensland University of Technology Australia
Manjoorans Study abroad has been very supportive and gave me the right guidance while I was planning for admission in Australia. They have always been proactive right from the start of university procedure till the visa application. Manjoorans has the right mixture of experience and up to date resources for helping aspirants achieve their goals in the form of visa acceptance and approval. I highly recommend them for those planning to study in Australia.
Praveen Raghuram
- Ntec New Zealand
From the beginning I felt very comfortable with Manjoorans Study Abroad. I did so many changes in country, course, university etc., But they supported me very patiently & guided me without any hesitation. They helped me to select the right country, course& institute.
Smruthy Vishwambaran
- Parkland College, Saskatchewan Canada
For getting a visa any consultancy would have done the job but the way Manjoorans Study Abroad deals with the student is remarkable. I had a very homely experience at Manjoorans. All the people working in this firm are like family members and there is a very positive environment.
Ammu Sheela Raju
- Durham College Canada
I am really grateful to Manjoorans Study Abroad for guiding my way for foreign studies. At first, when I was planning by myself the application to this University, I had a hard time finding all the information and appropriate requirements in order to send a successful application. But when I found Manjoorans contact, things were simpler and I actually started to enjoy my application process. The team is really prepared not only in admission matters, but also in visa requirements with a friendly and respectful environment.
Abey Thomas
- Durham College Canada.
If you want to maximize your chances to become a real candidate to study abroad, the service provided by Manjoorans Study Abroad (MSA) is your foremost option. From the outset MSA will be able to tell you neatly your actual possibilities of being considered as a candidate and eventual scholar at some Top University. The counselors are always explicit about the steps and timing needed through your application process avoiding to create false expectations and short term illusions. Meanwhile my application process was advancing, a good balance between common sense on deadlines and my counselor's guidelines and advice; it was possible to gain a timely acceptance for the admission. As a further step, my counselor also provided me with overall guidance on possible funding sources and deadlines to foster them. I widely recommend MSA as your study abroad agent. It will be your best gateway to gain a place as a student. I would recommend using MSA's services as they are very useful and professional.
Anumol Joby
- Niagra College Canada
I was referred to Manjoorans by a friend of mine. It has been an amazing experience for me to be associated with them. I received the best guidance from the counselor on everything right from university selection to VISA processing. With the most amazing team ever, I was properly looked after by my counselors and the VISA Team. Manjoorans Study Abroad is one of the best overseas education consultants who can be trusted and relied upon for a lucrative future.
Soniya Mathew
- Fleming College Canada
I was planning for overseas education, met quite a few people who help with it, but my experience with Manjoorans study abroad was different. The appropriate help provided by them at every step, right from deciding on the country to getting an accommodation over there, Manjoorans was always there. I am really thankful for it. My special thanks to my Counselor for guiding me through all my admission procedures, counseling and helping me out in preparing my Visa papers.
Jeena John
- Fleming College Canada
It was a very distinctive experience with Manjoorans Study abroad. It was only possible because they are a bunch of such highly qualified and experienced professionals who served and helped me whenever I needed them. They shared real life experiences, depicting a crystal clear image of how life shall be in the country where I had applied for. I am very content with the services they gave me. I wish them best of luck for their future and for the service they offer to the students.
Dayan Scaria
- Fleming College Canada
Dealing with Manjoorans Study Abroad has been an absolute pleasure. The entire team is ahighly professional and I would specially like to call out for the counselors and the manager for all the wonderful help and support they have been in helping guide us through the process of admissions.
Anumol K Krishnankutty
- Parkland College Canada
I have always wanted to be a part of a reputed university and acquire new skills and cross cultural potentials on an international platform. This was possible by coming to the Canada and Manjoorans has helped me through and through for this dream to come true! My special thanks to my Counselors for guiding me for all the admission procedures.
Geo Thomas
- NMIT New Zealand
I would like to begin with a special heartfelt Thank You to my counselor, without their unconditional support, dedication and patience, I would have not been able to achieve my dream to study in New Zealand. I would also like to extend my gratitude to Manjoorans Study Abroad, who has been ever so encouraging and positive throughout.
- Norquest College Canada
It was a pleasure to have used Manjoorans Study Abroad to secure my study Visa to Canada and as a channel of communication with my college, No request. I am highly impressed by the level of customer service that the Staff of Manjoorans Study Abroad possesses and provides. You have been of great help and you are highly fantastic.
- Coleman College Singapore
Before I came in contact with Manjoorans Study Abroad, I had no idea of how to go about my visa application and everything. The cordial way the management and staff treated me is an experience I will never forget. They made it so easy and relaxed for me and everything came out as a success. I am so grateful for this innovation and to this world class leading organization for the opportunity given to me to achieve this dream of mine. I can only pray that God blesses everyone at Manjoorans and fulfill their dreams as they fulfilled mine.
Anit Dominic
- Ntec New Zealand
Studying abroad has always been a dream for me. From the moment I contacted Manjoorans Study Abroad, they made sure I was a part of all their communication with the college and more importantly they gave utmost importance to my priorities. I am really glad I decided to opt for Manjoorans Study Abroad to for fulfilling my dream.
Nidhi K Mathew
- Ntec New Zealand
I am extremely great for the training and guidance that i received from faculties in order to achieve the required score 7.5 band in writing part especially. The training was excellent,the resource were good. I would indeed recommend my friends and relative to join his Cochin centre in the future.With great pleasure, I am travelling to New Zealand tonight and will start the procedures to become RN there.It's my pleasure that i have reached my aim finally.My sincere thanks to Manjoorans.
- Northern Lights College Canada
I would like to thank you Manjoorans , for the excellent way for putting my Canada visa file. It was because of your great efforts that previously I got my offer letter from Northern Lights College and now I got my visa file approved. I am very much satisfied with services provided. I will be more than happy to recommend you to my friends or any other person in my contact. Now hopefully I am able to see a bright future in Canada because of guidelines provided by Manjoorans. In the end I can say that I took a right decision in choosing Manjoorans.
Jipsy Joseph
- Parkland College Canada
I would like to thank my counselor and Manjoorans study Abroad for helping me to get into Parkland college. My counselor was very nice and kind. She has guided me throughout in my whole admission and visa process. I am very thankful to them for letting my dream come true.
Don Paul
- Parkland College Canada
Excellent. My counselor has always been very active, helpful and friendly. I got all my queries resolved. I would like to thank my counselor and rest of the staff at Manjoorans as well
Anu Sidhardhan
- Durham College Canada
Manjoorans study abroad helped me through all the process from the beginning. The experience at Manjoorans was really great. I will surely recommend them to all my friends.
Sheeja Antony Nixon
- Durham College Canada.
My Counsellor was very helpful and guided me completely for the process. I am very thankful to Manjoorans for making my "Dream come true.
Kevin Varghese
- Braemar College, Toronto Canada
Very good. Got appropriate advice, guidance & assistance at every stage pf the admission process. It was a very smooth and hassle free task. My counsellor was very co-operative and pro-active to get me through the entire procedure. Thank you!!
Pooja Rajendraprasad
- Concordia University Edmonton Canada
I came with doubts in my mind, but the counseling being done was way beyond par in comparison with any other consultancy. I appreciate the effort for guidance and advise regarding my career path. In fact, I got the confidence to proceed with much ease with the guidance of the counselors.
Glenda Glancy
- Mac Ewan University Edmonton Alberta
Thank you so much for your assistance throughout the visa application process. You simplified the tedious task by being available and always ready to help. Manjoorans Study Abroad has been one of the catalysts in letting me achieve some of my goals; they are a leading organisation that ensures their clients are given the best of the best. They counsel prospective students and help them in choosing and studying at most of the prestigious Universities and colleges.
Neha Antony
- Canada
I have made the right decision by choosing Manjoorans while I. Though of going abroad. They have given me full support in submitting my documents to the college i wanted in CANADA. My mother is working in Dubai , so i didn't have any support here , in that scenario the counselors from Manjoorans have given me unconditional support and help which made me really impressed. I would prefer Manjoorans to any other agencies.
Anu K P
- Australia
I am extremely thankful to Manjoorans Study Abroad for guiding me in my quest to pursue my higher education in Australia. My counsellors were meticulous their timely help . Without the aid of Manjoorans, it would have been extremely strenuous for me to join such a prestigious and reputed institution. Words fail to express their contribution in my life, for they showed me the path which ultimately helped me achieve my dreams. Thank You very much Manjoorans.
Ananthu Suresh
- New Zealand
Manjoorans has helped me to enroll for a program of my taste. Their excellent service and documentation has helped me in obtaining my New Zealand visa. I am very thankful to the entire crew of Manjoorans.